Meet Barb Wasinger


Why is Barb Wasinger running for State Representative?
• Barb is running for the office of State Representative for the 111th District because she strongly believes that it is time for a change in the status quo.
• Barb’s opponent has been in office an entire generation - 18 years!  She believes it is important to impose term limits and it is time to bring a fresh, new perspective to the State Legislature.

What are Barb’s qualifications to be a State Legislator and how will her experience in local government help her be more effective for her constituents?
• Barb served 8 years as a Hays City Commissioner and this is her 6th year as an Ellis County
• Barb’s experience in local government has been invaluable to her and gives her a unique perspective on both urban and rural issues.
• Barb’s years of experience in local government will allow her to hit the ground running as soon as she arrives in Topeka.

Why is it important to elect Barb to the State Legislature?
• A Republican, Barb will be a member of the majority party in Topeka and will be able to effectively shape public policy in the State Legislature.
• Barb will serve on committees as a member of the majority party that can actually pass laws which serve the interests of our district.
• Barb’s opponent is a member of the minority party in Topeka; during the last 2 years he has voted with the leadership of the Democratic Party over 90% of the time.  How can he get anything done for the people of our district if he faithfully tows the minority party line of the Democratic leaders in Topeka?

What is Barb’s approach to government?
• Barb firmly believes in fiscal responsibility and a commonsense approach to spending tax payer dollars.
• Kansas should not increase individual or business taxes. The state needs to learn to live within its means, just like you have to.
• Kansas should stop robbing our highway and roads fund just to run State government.
• Kansas should encourage economic growth by reducing burdensome regulations on businesses.
• Kansas should properly fund our state pension fund (KPERS) so our teachers and other government workers get what they have been promised.

What other experience does Barb have that will help her in Topeka?
• Rural Representative Board Member, Kansas Association of Counties
• Member, Northwest Kansas Corrections and Northwest Kansas Juvenile Corrections Board
• Served on the Ellis County Economic Development Board
• Served on the Care Council Board for the City of Hays
• City Representative as Mayor on the Hays Public Library Board


Tom and Barb in front of their Hays home.Barb has been a resident of Hays for 32 years. She is currently the Ellis County Commissioner for the 2nd District and is the first woman to serve in the position of Commissioner in the history of Ellis County. She is in her second 4-year term and currently running for State Representative for the 111th District.

As Ellis County Commissioner she serves on the Northwest Community Corrections Board, Northwest Juvenile Community Corrections Board and as the Rural Representative for the Kansas Association of Counties. She also served on the Ellis County Economic Development Board. 

Barb previously served 8 years as a Hays City Commissioner from April 2005 to December 2012, which included serving in the position of Mayor of the City of Hays from April 2008 to April 2009 and again from October 2010 to April 2012. She represented the city on the Hays Public Library Board while she served as Mayor. 

Barb is married to Thomas Wasinger and they have four children and one grandchild: Matt (wife Wasinger family. Victoria), Drew, Anne Marie Hager (husband Garrett and son Gentry) and Mark. They own Ellis County Abstract & Title, LLC in Hays as well as W.T.C. Enterprises, LC. She is an active member of St. Joseph Church and currently serves as a member of the Kansas University Midwest Cancer Alliance.  

Barb is a graduate of St. Catherine University in St. Paul, Minnesota and holds a Bachelor of Liberal Arts Degree with a concentration in Journalism and Theology. She is an alumna of Leadership Hays and the Leadership Kansas Class of 2012 and formerly served as a founding Board Member of the Hays Community Theater, Inc.

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