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Nov. 4, 2018
Its been a busy couple of days... knocking on hundreds of doors all over Hays!  Very grateful to have Lt. Governor Tracy Mann join me Friday in east Hays, thank you so much!  We walked several miles, and had some great conversations with voters.

Saturday afternoon, Governor Colyer, Lt. Governor Mann, Attorney General Derek Schmidt, Republican candidate for Governor Kris Kobach, Wink Hartman, and Rep. Ken Rahjes were at Tiger Burger in Hays for the Red Wave Bus Tour.  A lot of excitement as we we enter the final stretch of this election!  Please get out and VOTE Tuesday - we can't win without you!



Oct. 30, 2018
I've spent the last few days going door-to-door in East Hays, getting to meet new people and catch up with some longtime friends.  I'm encouraged and humbled by the number of voters who say they have taken advantage of advance voting!  PLEASE get out and vote - YOUR VOTE COUNTS! 


Oct. 24, 2018
Tom and I went to the county clerk's office for advance voting today. It was great to so many people there to vote! There were lines, but they moved quickly; we were only in line for about five minutes.

Advance voting is from 8 am to 4 pm daily, Monday through Friday, at the Ellis County Administrative Center, 8th & Main in Hays.  Last day to advance vote is Monday, Nov. 5 at noon. On Nov. 6 (Election Day), polls will be open from 7 am to 7 pm. PLEASE get out and vote - turnout is key, and YOUR VOTE COUNTS! Thank you!


Oct. 18, 2018
GREAT turnout last night for the Republican Red Wave Gala! Thank you to Congressman Roger Marshall, Sen. Rick Billinger, Rep. Ken Rahjes for an engaging evening, and to Dustin Roths, our Ellis Co. Republican Party Chairman, for organizing. Advance voting is going on now, so please get out and VOTE!

Rep. Ken Rahjes, Sen. Rick Billinger, Congressman Roger Marshall and Barb
Reporters from the Hays Daily News meet with Congressman Marshall and Barb
Thanks to the Republican Party of Ellis County for a great evening!


Oct. 5, 2018

Fall parade season has wrapped up, with the Hays High Homecoming Parade!  Four parades in as many weeks... thanks to my more than 50 members of "Barb's Brigade" who have been with me every step of the way!  On to Nov. 6!


September 29, 2018
"Barb's Brigade" joined me for the trip down Main Street for the Fort Hays State Homecoming Parade.  What a fun day to see so many friends and supporters! 




September 27, 2018
The deadline for registering to vote in Kansas is 21 days before election day.  For the upcoming General Election, the deadline to register to vote is Tuesday, Oct. 16.  If you're not already registered to vote, please visit the County Clerk's Office, or register online.


September 21, 2018
It was a perfect Friday afternoon for TMP's Homecoming Parade.  "Barb's Brigade" was 25 strong as we marched down Main Street with the Monarchs!




September 15, 2018
A beautiful day for the 100th Anniversary of the beautiful Holy Cross Catholic Church in Pfeifer. Bishop Gerald from Salina presided over the Mass, followed by a picnic where I got to meet some great people. Thank you, Pfeifer, for inviting me to this wonderful event!



September 14, 2018
"Barb's Brigade" had a strong showing for the Victoria H.S. Homecoming Parade!  Thank you to my excellent "Brigade" who passed out 12 pounds of candy (!), and everyone in Victoria who welcomed us for this great event. 







September 12, 2018
I’ve spent the last week in Victoria knocking on around 200 doors, making new friends and listening to their concerns. Thank you, Victoria, for your hospitality and kindness!


September 6, 2018
It's started, signs are going up!


August 10, 2018
Letter to the Editor: Ellis County Budget


July 20, 2018
Letter to the Editor: Ellis County Budget


July 17, 2018
Drees denies letter to commission is threat of lawsuit


July 12, 2018
Wasinger Announces Steering Committee

Barb Wasinger, candidate for Kansas State Representative – 111 th District, announced the formation of her campaign steering committee. The members are former State Representatives Sue Boldra and Travis Couture-Lovelady, Nikki Pfannenstiel, Dustin Roths, Sara Bloom and Errol Wuertz. It also includes the previously appointed co-chairs of her campaign Sandy Jacobs, Hays City Commissioner and Dean Haselhorst, Ellis County Commissioner.


July 8, 2018
Wasinger Particpates in Wild West Festival Parade in Hays




June 29, 2018
Main Street Businesses Get Relief from the Supreme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that states can collect sales taxes from out-of-state online retilaers under certain condidtions. Barb Wasinger, candidate for State Representative for Kansas' 111 District, believes this decision should provide some welcome relief to Main Street businesses that have been operating at an ungair disadvatage compared to online mega corporations that don't pay sales taxes in our community.

"Out-of-state online retailers currently get a price advantage over local mom and pop retail businesses. This Supreme Court decision levels the playing field,” said Wasinger. She added, “It’s also important that Kansas doesn’t overburden local businesses that sell online, too. Kansas law needs to provide a structure that considers the needs of small local online retailers. Finding a way to lessen the burden on smaller businesses collecting this tax should also be included in any legislation."

Barb Wasinger believes the revenue to be collected from this internet sales tax would
provide welcome relief to Kansas which is struggling to find the money to pay for various state
programs. “According to various estimates I’ve read, the Supreme Court’s decision could
generate up to $170 million in new revenue from out-of-state retailers. This can only help the
state with funding for education, roads, senior services and pensions.”


June 15, 2018
Wasinger to vote against any tax increase

"Preliminary financial estimates indicated the county could be facing a deficit of up to $600,000 in setting the 2019 budget, especially if the commission decides against a slight mill levy increase. County Commissioner Barbara Wasinger said Thursday she would vote against any tax increase.

“I think that with a budget in the millions of dollars such as we have, there should be a way we could cut our budget down to fit and not raise the mill levy, be fiscally responsible. I think we can do that easily,” Wasinger said prior to hearing department budget requests. “I will not vote for an increase in any mill levy.”


June 8, 2018
Wasinger appoints local officials to help with campaign



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