Recount grows margin of our win, results certified

WE DID IT!  On Nov. 20, the Ellis County Clerk concluded a hand recount of ballots demanded by my opponent.  The results of that recount saw our lead grow from 32 to 35 votes, and the canvassing board certified the results. 

I am honored to be elected to serve as the State Representative for the 111th District, particularly since it is always difficult to beat an incumbent of any political office.

I am also proud that my campaign was based on the issues and stayed positive, as I promised I would do throughout my campaign.  There is simply no need at this level of local politics to use negative attacks and personal character assassination as normal campaign tactics.  We ran a clean campaign that all of residents of the 111th can be proud of. 

I want to thank my campaign team, those who walked in the parades, went door-to-door with me, and my family for their unyielding support.  Most importantly, I want to thank the voters of the 111th District, for demanding change and for selecting me as your Representative to lead that change.  It is my priviledge to serve you!

- Barb






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