Phelps' Campaign Becomes Increasingly Desperate

Just like Eber Phelps sending out negative attack mailers against me a few weeks ago, his latest personal negative attack mailer (Oct. 19, 2018) is just another desperate attempt by him to divert attention away from the fact that after serving as a state representative for 18 years – an entire generation – he has become a "professional politician" in Topeka.  IT IS TRULY TIME FOR A CHANGE! 

This is what a smear campaign looks like; 
My campaign will not respond with
negative attack mailers like these.

Let’s put the facts in their proper context.  During the 8 years I served on the Hays City Commission and the 6 years I have been serving on the Ellis County Commission my attendance record is 90%.  During the times when my absence was unavoidable, I did my best to coordinate in advance with my fellow Commissioners and the County Administrator to ensure business could be conducted. 

I will not allow my campaign to lower itself to the level of Mr. Phelps' campaign.  I will continue a positive campaign focused on the issues, and let the voters decide whether they want a fresh new voice in Topeka or the same old voice that has been there for an entire generation – 18 years.

If missing a handful of meetings due to my recovery from open heart surgery, and if taking care of my 91-year-old mother (who lived in Chicago and now lives in Savannah, Georgia) from time to time disqualifies me from holding public office in the eyes of some voters and the local and state Democratic Party then we've got a real societal problem in this community.

- Barb





Elect Barb Wasinger for
State Representative

I filed to run for the office of State Representative for the 111th District of Kansas on February 2, 2018.  My campaign is very important this election year because it offers the voters a clear choice - elect someone new who can provide fresh, effective leadership in Topeka for you and the district or maintain the status quo with someone who has been in office an entire generation - 18 years and voted with the Democratic leadership in Topeka over 90% of the time. 

Barb and "Barb's Brigade" at the Hays High School
Homecoming Parade, Oct. 5, 2018.

My 13 years of service on the Hays City and Ellis County Commissions has given me a unique perspective on both rural and urban issues which will allow me to have an impact as I work with the majority party in the State Legislature.   I will hit the ground running and effectively shape legislation and public policy as I serve on committees that can actually pass legislation which serves the interest of our district. 

Barb's Priorities for Kansas Government:

  • Financial Security - A Commonsense approach to spending taxpayer dollars.                More government isn't always the answer to the problems that people face.
  • Economic/Job Security - Encourage economic growth and jobs by not raising individual or business taxes and reducing burdensome regulations on business.   
    The state needs to learn to live within its means, just like we have to.

  • Healthcare Security - Patient needs must come first!  Patients need to have a choice of doctors and healthcare insurance.  No one policy fits everyone's needs.
  • School Security - Implement anonymous student reporting system to local law enforcement.  Support student mental health services.  Single point of school building entry/exit and classroom buttons. 
  • Educational Security - Equitable funding, but with school district accountability for spending tax dollars.  Change how we educate our children to reflect 21st century technological needs and job opportunities.

It has been my honor to represent the people of Hays and Ellis County in my past and current positions, and I look forward to continuing my work as your Representative in Topeka.

Thank you for your continued support.

Barb Wasinger
Candidate for Kansas State Representative
111th District


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